ISQIC Video Coaching Project:
Laparoscopic Colectomy
The Background
Video-Based Technical Skills


Laparoscopy and the advancement of video-capture capabilities have made it remarkably easy to record and analyze the details of an operation.  In 2013, the New England Journal of Medicine article “Surgical Skill and Complications after Bariatric Surgery” demonstrated that scores from a video-based technical skills assessment were associated with patient outcomes.  Implemented within the Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative, they used edited (20-40 minutes) videos of the key components of a Roux-En-Y-Gastric Bypass procedure performed by practicing bariatric surgeons.  These videos were scored by other practicing bariatric surgeons according to the Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills (OSATS) rubric and then analyzed in aggregate.  They found that better technical skill scores led to fewer complications.

Surgical Coaching

Few opportunities exist for practicing surgeons to get unbiased, objective feedback to assist in driving their own improvement.  Coaching has been shown to be an essential component for elite athletes to achieve excellence and is quickly becoming recognized as a beneficial adjunct in other areas which require technical 

excellence and critical appraisal. The Wisconsin Surgical Coaching Program is on the leading edge of this movement and understands the unique needs of adult learners and professionals in practice.

The ISQIC Video Coaching Project is now underway. This pilot project is designed to improve technical skills in laparoscopic colectomy. Participating surgeons will submit videos, score edited videos of their peers, and participate in peer-to-peer coaching to improve as a group with no cost to the participants. We are partnering with Caprice Greenberg, MD, Director of the Wisconsin Surgical Coaching Program, and Justin Dimick, MD, MPH, Director of the Surgical Coaching Program for the Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative, to provide an unparalleled experience. It is an excellent opportunity for any surgeon performing laparoscopic colectomies to improve their own skills and help others around the state. Together we can improve outcomes for our patients.

ISQIC Video-based Coaching Project

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