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ISQIC Initiatives


Hospitals participating in ISQIC will benefit from 21 novel components:

Guided Implementation

  • Surgeon Champion (SC):  Leads NSQIP and ISQIC initiatives for the hospital

  • Surgical Clinical Reviewer(SCR):  Nurse who performs data abstraction and manages QI projects

  • Surgeon Mentor:  Surgeon Champion who has successfully lead ACS NSQIP elsewhere and serves as mentor for SC

  • Process Improvement (PI) Coach:  Highly trained in PI to coach hospital QI teams through QI/PI projects

  • Coordinating Center (CC):  Provide leadership and support staff for all aspects of ISQIC implementation

  • Annual Statewide Collaborative Quality Improvement Project (CQIP):  QI project that is identified by ISQIC Advisory Committee to address statewide need. Carried out with assistance from Mentor, Coach and Coordinating Center

  • Annual Hospital-specific QI Project:  QI project identified by individual hospital QI team to address a specific area of poor performance


Comparative Reports

  • Hospital-level Risk-adjusted Comparative Data: Reports that allow hospitals to compare data on process of care and postoperative outcomes benchmarked against hospitals in Illinois and the U.S. Hospital-level return on investment reports are provided as well

  • Surgeon-level Risk-adjusted Comparative Data: Reports that allow surgeons to compare data on process of care and postoperative outcomes benchmarked against hospitals in Illinois and the U.S.



  • Formal QI/PI Curriculum: Formal process improvement training through online modules and in-person training sessions

  • Project Management Training:  Training SCRs on effective project management skills

  • Hospital Board Engagement Program:  Training and guidance for engaging the hospital’s board in ISQIC initiatives and surgical QI

  • Best Practice Guidelines:  Evidence-based best practices identified by expert panel

  • Surgical QI Case Studies:  Examples of how others in NSQIP previously examined and addressed high rates of common postoperative complications

  • Toolkit for SC/SCR and Administrators:  Step-by-step guide on how to be an effective SC/SCR and Administrator focused on QI


Financial Support

  • Stipend to Hospital:  Support for data abstractor, Surgeon Champion, NSQIP annual fee, travel to conferences, information technology, coordinating center, mentor, coach, comparative reports, pilot grants, PI curriculum, all resources

  • Pilot Grants for QI Projects:  Hospitals may receive additional funding to implement related QI/PI projects

  • Bonus for Improved Outcomes:  Financial bonus to hospitals that significantly improve outcomes by Year 3



  • Conference Meetings:  Three in-person conferences (2 ISQIC, 1 NSQIP) to facilitate sharing of experiences, work on common projects, and conduct process improvement training

  • Monthly Webinars for SC/SCRs:  Webinars to collaborate, share ideas, and trouble shoot issues

  • SCR-SC Meetings:  Meetings scheduled to foster communication among hospital team, discuss cases, and implement QI/PI projects


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