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ISQIC Initiatives


Hospitals participating in ISQIC will benefit from 21 novel components to facilitate and accelerate improvement.




Surgeon Champion (SC)


Surgical Clinical Reviewer (SCR)


Surgeon Mentor


Process Improvement (PI) Coach


Coordinating Center (CC)


Annual Statewide Collaborative Quality Improvement Project (CQIP)


Annual Hospital-specific QI Project





Formal QI/PI Curriculum


Project Management Training


Hospital Board Engagement Program


Best Practice Guidelines


Surgical QI

Case Studies


Toolkit for SC/SCR and Administrators


Comparative Reports


Hospital-level Risk-adjusted Comparative Data


Surgeon-level Risk-adjusted Comparative Data


Financial Support


Stipend to Hospital


Pilot Grants for QI Projects


Bonus for Improved Outcomes




Conference Meetings


Monthly Webinars

for SC/SCRs


SCR-SC Meetings


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