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ISQIC Initiatives


Guided Implementation

Hospitals participating in ISQIC will benefit from 21 novel components, including:


Surgeon Champion (SC)  

Leads NSQIP and ISQIC initiatives for the hospital


Surgical Clinical Reviewer (SCR)

Nurse who performs data abstraction and manages QI projects


Surgeon Mentor

Surgeon Champion who has successfully lead ACS NSQIP elsewhere and serves as mentor for SC


Process Improvement (PI) Coach

Highly trained in PI to coach hospital QI teams through QI/PI projects


Coordinating Center (CC)

Provide leadership and support staff for all aspects of ISQIC implementation


Annual Statewide Collaborative Quality Improvement Project (CQIP)

QI project that is identified by ISQIC Advisory Committee to address statewide need. Carried out with assistance from Mentor, Coach and Coordinating Center


Annual Hospital-specific QI Project

QI project identified by individual hospital QI team to address a specific area of poor performance

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